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In this model I have created a basic AI chat bot Interface with External plugin abilities; with visual basic An Interface AI_Contracts enables for Interfacing with the AI; Implementing the Interface and placing in the the compiled DLL into the APP\Plugins folder enables for the AI_Interface to discover and call the plugin obtaining a response to be returned to the user; The project was design in 4 stages ; Each stage or milestone enables for the development and extension of the Chat bot to become a enriched product worthy of public release;


Packages available to download

SpydazWeb SDK . Containing Multiple Helper Extensions for String manipulation as well as models for designing chat bots; Natural language processing as well as Created forms for use ie: chat interfaces / Updates / Plugins and devices can be created and attached to the AI model ; A dialog editor is also included although in process of major updating ; truly a mini language in itself for programming machine learning and AI projects alike! - As the Main hub of the chat bot project some items have been also separated into sub librays in this repository of nugets;

The dialog manager is used to create and manage dialogs / Conversations ; Dialogs contain Intents; Which can also Contain Entity's lists; Named entity recognition ; Slot Filling Techniques have been used; The tools have been included to create / import / Export Dialogs....

Online Tools

Useful online tool are always useful on the go!

SpydazWeb Parsers/Lexers/Compiler Projects

A basic programming language designed in stages to be compiled and executed on a virtual machine :

the language is translated to an assembly code to be executed on a Virtual Stack based CPU

The process of tokenizing the input and sub sequentially into an executable abstract syntax tree

the tree generates the required assembly code and executes the code in a virtual environment.

Agent models are used to solve individual tasks within the AI framework. A system can be said to be a collection of agents working on individual goals of the overall system. Language processing being a single agent, information storage and retrieval being another. This is akin to the human mindset with various agents in the body and mind to serve or daily needs, which could be walking talking or thinking. Often decisions are based on a combination of results from these agents and task which may also need to be performed also need agents to interact and communicate. Forming a network of agents and exchange of information. All information evaluated form the basis of an action or result being produced. There are various types of agents suggested by Peter Norvig and Stewart Russell. (Norvig, 1995)