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Check out our extensive MSAGENT collection HERE The format is .ACS.

These can be created using series of images / Animations and collated together using the Microsoft Agent Character Editor. download for free!.SAFE

Welcome to Microsoft® Agent

Microsoft has decided to discontinue development of Microsoft Agent technologies. Beginning with Windows® 7, Microsoft Agent will not be included or supported in future versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. We encourage Microsoft Agent application developers and redistributors to evaluate their activities in light of this decision.

  • Developers can still use the following resources for previous versions of Windows:
  • Microsoft will not offer new licenses or renewals
  • Microsoft will not update the Microsoft Agent components, including:
    • The “msagent.exe” runtime and libraries
    • The characters Merlin, Genie, Peedy, and Robbo
    • The Agent Character Editor
    • All related Microsoft Agent software, tools, and documentation
  • Windows 7 and later versions will not support development of Microsoft Agent applications or characters
  • Microsoft resources will not be available to assist customers in the investigation or resolution of issues for new or existing deployments.
  • Comments about Microsoft Agent and related technologies can be posted on the public newsgroup microsoft.public.msagent.

This is an exact copy of the microsoft agent home page! so get the download as soon as possible before they are no longer there! if all else fails CONTACT US. We Will Have the files!

But As long as you have the core components & the character editor... you will always be able to use them. Dont let micorsoft leave this agent out!

Also CHECK THE AGENT RING BELOW. for old legasy stuff related to MSAGENT. Lots of independent developers / freeware / shareware. Chatbots etc....


CharPackage - For All You Wonderful Character Designers

DeskBot - Clipboard/Text Reader, Time Announcer

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There have been changes as well Microsoft discontinuing support for MS-AGENT but it is still highly used. Included in the above folder are some stored resources of mine.