Creating AI

I cannot stress enough how important and secretive artificial intelligence projects are, and updates to this post will not be regular . yet the concepts used in the project can be shared without copyrights.

This series of tutorial are to help beginners with a starting point to creating a basic Chatbot or artificial intelligence

The SpydazWeb AI Project Files and intuitions will be shared in this section.

This project is a conversational intelligence project some call chat bot. no attention has been placed on Avatar design, although my personal preference is Microsoft Agent or Haptek (people putty) type avatars. there are some other types of avatar software available yet, as with these two avatars type they are often short lived and have no continuity guarantee. Future projects may use UNITY3D a 3D design platform which looks very promising.

Beginning the creation of a artificial intelligence (chat-bot)

Creating a unique look

Adding Speech

Adding Plugins

Source files available for download - created in visual basic .NET