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posted Jun 16, 2013, 5:08 AM by Leroy Dyer   [ updated Apr 21, 2016, 5:17 PM ]

Which ways can we present data?

There are many different charts and graph types to present data, such as;

Pie charts: used for showing segments of the whole.

Bar charts: used to show data over time, (not good for small changes)

Line graphs: used to show multiple items in a group / comparing changes within the group. Useful for (small changes)

scatter plots: useful for comparing differences between two different things: These traditional charts can be generated by various online and offline creation tools a blog offered at give a list of 22 chart generator software’s available. (Listed below)


·         Rich chart live: (ric)

·         DIY chart : (diy)

·         Online chart generator : (cha1)

· : (cha6)

·         ChartGo : (cha5)

·         Create a graph : (cre2)

·         JS charts : (cre1)

·         Pie chart tool : (nce)

·         Piecolor : Hohli charts: (htt)

·         Css chart generator : (css)

·         Chart part : (cha4)

·         Chart maker : (cha3)

·         Google chart tools : (cha2)

·         amCharts visual editor : (amc)

·         pie chart maker : (cre)

·         ChartGizmo : (cha)

·         Online chart tool : (Onl)

·         OWTChart Generator : (Hig)

·         HighCharts : (Hig)

·         ICharts : (ICh)


These third party tools offer traditional chart making facilities, yet for business intelligence and large data sets, more dimensions and measures are required. Greater software is required. Dealing with large datasets the information presented is often taken from multiple data sources; this data is not easily handled. This has given rise to specialists in business information technology company solutions.




These are the top five vendors in business intelligence software, although there are others making headway and providing new innovations in the presentation of data;


·         Tableau Business Intelligence: (tab) : dashboard creation:

·         QlickTech: (qli): A free software business chart making software.

·         WebFOCUS: (inf): Web enterprise integration software.

·         TIBCO Spotfire: (spo) : Information architect, data mining, predictive. Analytics


Currently there are many database management systems adding this functionality to current solutions.