The conceptnet module

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ConceptNet 5 comes largely from the hard work of hundreds of thousands of people who gave their time and knowledge for free. So ConceptNet is free as well, released under a choice of two Creative Commons licenses:

You can get the entirety of ConceptNet 5 under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.
You may also use a smaller version, called the "ConceptNet 5 Core", under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This version is free for any purpose as long as you give credit to the Digital Intuition team. However, this version is necessarily missing a large number of statements learned from Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and DBPedia, all of which are Attribution-ShareAlike resources.

The conceptnet module

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class csc.conceptnet.models.Relation(*args**kwargs)

Relation(id, name, description)

ConceptNet has a closed class of Relations, expressing connections between Concepts. This is the current set of relations, according to what question they each answer:

IsA                   | What kind of thing is it?
HasA                  | What does it possess?
PartOf                | What is it part of?
UsedFor               | What do you use it for?
AtLocation            | Where would you find it?
CapableOf             | What can it do?
MadeOf                | What is it made of?
CreatedBy             | How do you bring it into existence?
HasSubevent           | What do you do to accomplish it?
HasFirstSubevent      | What do you do first to accomplish it?
HasLastSubevent       | What do you do last to accomplish it?
HasPrerequisite       | What do you need to do first?
MotivatedByGoal       | Why would you do it?
Causes                | What does it make happen?
Desires               | What does it want?
CausesDesire          | What does it make you want to do?
HasProperty           | What properties does it have?
ReceivesAction        | What can you do to it?
DefinedAs             | How do you define it?
SymbolOf              | What does it represent?
LocatedNear           | What is it typically near?
ObstructedBy          | What would prevent it from happening?
ConceptuallyRelatedTo | What is related to it in an unknown way?
InheritsFrom          | (not stored, but used in some applications)
A standardized string naming this relation.
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