Home Automation

posted Oct 21, 2014, 6:51 PM by Leroy Dyer   [ updated Oct 21, 2014, 6:57 PM ]

HomeSeer includes a built-in web server, giving you access to all your devices from anywhere in the world using any web browser. The program works great if you have a DSL or a cable modem internet connection. Simply leave your computer running, enable the web server, and you're all set! If you don't have a full time internet connection, you can still dial in to your computer and access your devices. Future updates to the software are free. Updates will be posted periodically on the download page. Registered users will receive email notifications when an update is available. Major upgrades may incur a chargeYou will need some Z-Wave control modules along with the Z-Wave USB computer interface before HomeSeer is able to control your lights and appliances. Starter kits are available.


Gunn Systems In addition to providing professional Home Automation Development consulting, Gunn Systems offers several Home Automation Software products. Home Automation Software from Gunn Systems includes:X10-LITE. A Lightweight Utility to turn on/off and dim lights/appliances without a lot of hoopla. X10 ActiveX Control. This plug-in control allows developers to easily add X10 interfaces to any ActiveX-compatible software, such as Microsoft® Visual Studio, Microsoft® Office, etc. HomeLink. A full-featured software suite, with everything you expect in a professional Home Automation package.


Home Automated Living You've heard a lot about smart homes and you think it sounds great. But you're not sure if you want to try it because you have no experience with a house that's smart. Well, congratulations! Home Automated Living created HALbasic just for YOU!HAL’s Web Portal will enable users to control and interact with their homes over the Internet.  (The HAL Voice Portal was introduced first because phones are more accessible than the Web.)  The HAL Web portal will become the user interface for the home network -- the place where the family will go to communicate, to schedule, to play and to order services like take-out dinners or movies delivered over the broadband Internet connection coming into the home!


Girder is the most powerful and feature rich Windows automation tool available. Girder controls programs like WinAmp and Windows Media Player using infrared and wireless remote controls so you can sit back and enjoy your digital library from your couch. In Home Theater PC's, Girder controls Windows programs (media/DVD players) and hardware devices (sound cards, X10 and serial devices such as projectors, and receivers). Girder is the behind the scenes glue providing full control of your multimedia experience.