Spydaz Talentz


We are very much aware of the talent in the UK’s urban community, for this reason we are prepared to work hard to develop these talents. 

We will promote this market rigorously and deliver superior value, so these talents can be recognized in our community, as well as nationally and an internati


We are a Group of talented artists using Spydaz studios as an outlet for our musical creations.

Spydaz Studioz is a forum for Musicians,Singers, Songwriters, & Studio Engineers

The hub of our organization, our function is to coordinate and provide a full service for our roster of world class artists. 

Spydaz  has been developed and built around the expertise that Levi Parker “SPY-DAZ” (the company director) has refined over the years in music industry, Spydaz Talent, will leverage each Artist’s potential, and positioning them to achieve greater success.


We house the highest level of, Writers, Dancers, Instrumentalists, Music teachers, Vocalists, Workshop leaders, Music technicians, Studio engineers and A urban based studios make an ideal atmosphere, Private and exclusive.


Fakto is the current urban sensation in the UK. A Singer, Song Writer and Entertainer,  he was born in 1979, in Lagos Island, wrote his first song inspired by Bob dylan's  Blowing In The Wind at the age of nine and  was first known as Fakto at the 
 age of even by friends and teachers at his childhood primary school, Kotun.
  He started making public appearances in 2005 and took his first guitar lesson with Massif Jo, the same year. He his now well known for his fantastic and 

incredibly unique guitar skills as well as his enchanting voice.


" My goal is always to compose great music."


Gradually, yet surely Hope OpaiQ is honing in on her creative talents. Not just as a singer of songs, but an all round artist. Hope writes her own material, and has recently been asked to write songs for other artists. Hope has also started producing and arranging tracks for her upcoming album.
Hope’s musical style can be described as an infusion of her African roots ( Afro Beats),  80’s heavily influenced  Pop, RnB and Popular culture, with a twist of  Soulful harmonies tingling over a juicy beat.

Shyanne Ebelysa

An African Jamaican woman residing in the UK, Shyanne Ebelysa has worked in private and public administration as well as human resource. She gave up work to become a serious full time writer and thus, she has completed, the first class novel:

Amongst Shyanne’s range of interest, she is particularly interested in BC, early A D history and the state of some sectors of humanity. This is reflected in her title which is positively the  most exciting book to hit the ‘Black’ literary scene. Shyanne’s book was reviewed by Pride Magazine (UK). The review as well as being positively impressive, they awarded her book their book of the month and gave it a five star rating. Gleaner (UK) also gave the book a very positive review. Customer reviews on her book are also on amazon.co.uk


The Book Longingly Sort after by many has now finally arrived on Amazon. and Even being Auctioned on Ebay.

If you would like a Signed Copy of the Book you can contact the Author directly over face book or Buy over amazon with an accompanying Email!
Gears Of War (Mixtape), Magnumbeats
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Magnum Beats is a UK based audio recording and production company with several years of music engineering experience. Magnum Beats specializes in on-site recordings of live music. Whether clients require a simple archival recording or a complete, fully staffed multitrack studio at a venue, 

Magnum Beats delivers quality audio production. The company specialize in various genres of instrumental tracks from hip hop to classical music media production sound tracks for TV commercials also film and various other media projects including hip hop, R&B and urban music.