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  • Creating a chatbot - Adding a plugin mechanism In this lesson , you will be shown how to create an interface to allow for external plugins to be added to your AI, Compile on the fly. A DLL file ...
    Posted Dec 13, 2014, 9:35 AM by Leroy Dyer
  • Creating the chat bot 3 - The speech Addon  Speech is an important part of communication, the microsoft speech API offers all we need to consume. Lets Use it!The speech add on : here we add Microsoft speech to ...
    Posted Oct 26, 2014, 5:30 AM by Leroy Dyer
  • Creating a chatbot 2 Creating a GUI for the artificial intelligence is an important part of the design process. the look and feel of the app can also give you the feeling and look ...
    Posted Oct 26, 2014, 5:08 AM by Leroy Dyer
  • Regular Expression Syntax (Scripting) A regular expression describes one or more strings to match when you search a body of text. The expression serves as a template for matching a character pattern to the ...
    Posted Oct 21, 2014, 6:38 PM by Leroy Dyer
  • Creating the chatbot Chat botsAs you know, the chat-bot is a chatting robot that can understand what you are saying, analyse it and give you a suitable response. It's considered ...
    Posted Oct 20, 2014, 5:32 AM by Leroy Dyer
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A diverse team of people that are committed to presenting a high quality & personal service. Spydazweb will also be working in liaison with other existing and new E commerce companies operating across the E world.    A computer consultancy service with a strong commitment towards helping dynamic individuals, new & existing businesses reach their objectives in the world of E commerce.

These are the targets we want to meet
  • SpydazWEB AI is a lab dedicated to programming and artificial intelligence. We have been Searching the Web for SITES & links to the very best of the A-I community. We also working with HOME AUTOMATION X10. Full control over your environment with your A-I. CHECK IT OUT ....
  • Spydaz Studios is a truly Portable Recording LAB 64bit sound processing. Advanced Mastering Capabilities. We cover a vast array of musical styles including: Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Drum and Bass, Latin and Reggae. With our own unique combination of talents we bring a fresh vibrancy to the music scene. We have over 1500 urban tracks available. All your film requirements, quality adverts, compilations and soundtracks, voice-overs, jingles etc.
  • Spydazweb Technical Help Services. We offer technical support service for the Home and Business user, We Repair / Re-Furbish PC's,Virus Protection, Data Recovery. Windows Server Configuration, On-line Back-End Management Services. Virtualization, Migrations and Upgrades. As well as Custom PC Design, And Machine Interfacing.


This year we shall be looking to break into the Small Electronics and Gadgets industry. and implement our
 new product range.
Work with our partners


Computer Repair Services
We Repair, fix, install computers
in your home or work, home tutoring
32 Northway Rd, London
07432 897305