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I-Phone Tweaking

How to Get Started Programming in Windows for iOS Apps

The first thing you need to do is plan your app from top to bottom. Be sure to decide what features are must-haves and which are nice to have, but optional. Knowing your app’s exact needs can help you select the best cross-platform framework for you.

Choose a framework that uses the language(s) you prefer (see below) and review its capabilities. Look at the apps that that were made with the framework; find one similar to yours and see if you like it.

Many of the frameworks offer a free trial, so try them out before you buy. Again, don’t be discouraged by what you hear about these platforms’ abilities; they’re getting better every day.

Some of the more popular frameworks are:

  • Appcelerator: Use XML, CSS-like code, JavaScript
  • Xamarin: Code in C# or .NET
  • Adobe Air: Use Flash, Dreamweaver, JavaScript
  • Marmalade: Code in C++. Gives the option to develop in Visual Studio or Xcode
  • Unity: Use a GUI to design your app. Unity focuses on game development and can deploy to mobile and game consoles
  • PhoneGap: Code in CSS, HTML, or JavaScript

You can download Xcode from Apple’s website here. You can also do a search for ‘Xcode’ in your Mac app store.


Apple logo Download iPhone Firmwares [Updated]
Cydia is a piece of software that runs on Jailbroken iPhones. It enables the user to install custom software packages from various sources (repos/repositories) into your iDevice

What is a repo?
[On an iDevice prespective] A repo is a hosted space into which a developer uploads custom APTs that can be loaded into your iDevice.

Check HERE for everything jailbreak, including jailbreak apps and tweaks,

1Hackulo Source / Repo
2Insanelyi Source [Featured]
3HackYouriPhone Source [Featured]
4SinfuliPhone Source
5xSellize Source / Repo [Unstable]
7BYA (BiteYourApple)
8La Repo de iPhonenate **
9CrackTouch  ** [New]
10Cydevicerepo [Unstable]
11iDWANEO [Not Safe!!]http;//
12Clubifone Source
13iWOOWIZ Source
14PiMPMYi Source
15HackStor – MyRepoSpace
16Your Cydia Repo  [New]
18iphonetechie-MyRepoSpace Source
20AirVideoEnabler Source
21XBMC Media Center Repo.

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